An effective solution for hair thinning or loss

It’s pretty common amongst men and women to suffer from hair fall or hair thinning issues. It’s a regular problem and they are in search of a perfect cure to this issue. PRP and Mesotherapy can be fruitful enough for this very purpose. Here at London Skin Nutrition we provide the best quality therapy and treatments that stimulate the growth of the hair.

prp meso

PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma and this is an innovative treatment technology that we use. Through this process blood is taken from your body and the platelets are separated and activated in such a way that provide better growth to the hair. As a result of which, you can achieve better and thinner hair. The similarity between PRP and Mesotherapy is that both are injected into the scalp. We have experienced professionals to perform the tasks and they assure the best result from the treatment service.

Long term results can be planned

We offer all the best quality skin treatments and those are innovated by the experts, associated with us. They are dedicated enough to produce the best result. Now you can have healthy and growing hair with our effective treatments.

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