Needle Radio Frequency – An improved solution for skin tightening

The effectiveness of radio frequency as a skin tightening treatment has already been proved. Thousands of women across the world have availed this service. Now, it’s time to consider the needle radio-frequency treatment. This is comparatively a new invention and is being highly appreciated by all. This may not be an FDA-approved treatment but the results of this treatment to improve acne and scarring is now well-known among women.

needle radio frequency

What is needle radio frequency?

Radio frequency-you can quite understand by the name that it refers to the application of the radio frequency in the body. The purpose of using this frequency is to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. Now this collagen needs to be heated up. When collagen is heated up at a temperature of 60° Celsius, it produces another collagen. In the needle radio-frequency treatment microscopic needles are deployed on the screen surface. These micro needles conduct the frequency energy into the skin surface in predetermined depth.

This micro-needling program is lot more advantageous than traditional micro-needling program. This treatment is applied for conditions like skin laxity and wrinkle problem, tissue tightening, collagen formation, skin rejuvenation etc. London Skin Nutrition is one of the eminent aesthetic centers where people can have all kind of skin treatments.

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