Different kinds of facial for a healthy skin

Taking proper care of skin requires no explanation anymore. This is important for the health of your skin and facial is one of the most important and mostly used skin treatments. Women from all corners of the world prefer doing facial. We at London Skin Nutrition offer 3 kinds of facial treatments and these are oxygen facial, silver facial and bronze facial. All the products used here are 100% organic and there are no side effects of the treatment. In order to bring back the natural glow of your skin, our facial treatments are absolutely must.


oxygen facial
Oxygen Facial
The term “Oxygen facial” may sound a bit unknown to many people but it has been there for more than a decade now. This facial treatment has become widely popular of late. Normally, pressurized oxygen is absorbed by the skin through this treatment. It keeps the skin healthy and glowing.


Bronze facial
Though not like “oxygen facial but Bronze facial is also one of the popular ways to nurture your skin. This facial has started gaining popularity among the users and this facial is very effective in terms of the results.

bronze facial


silver facial
Silver Facial
Another very popular type of facial is Silver Facial. The aim of this treatment is to detoxify your skin. This treatment results in the restoration of natural pH and this is also very effective in preventing blackheads and pores to form. It moisturizes the skin and provides an even skin tone.