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Is the secret of anti-aging treatment finally revealed?

Various types of studies have already been going on human skin and the aging process. So many extensive studies have taken place but no specific clue for the aging process until the recent past when Mark Birch-Machin and team have brought some light to this aspect.

It was an extensive study by the professor of molecular dermatology at Newcastle University that has unveiled that the activity of an enzyme declines with the growing age. This has resulted into a conclusion that targeting and somehow preventing the decline of that enzyme may lead to an effective anti-aging treatment.

However, this entire report is centered around one very common requirement and that is to stay younger for more and more years. People have been searching for effective solutions for this purpose and now you can find this in the form of London skin treatments. This needs no mention that there are various types of skin therapies and treatments available for developing the skin tone and texture and if you are looking for really genuine treatments then you got to visit us.

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You will simply be amazed to see the vast inventory of our services and treatments which include; Threads lift, Meso threads, PRP Meso, Radio Frequency, Shea therapy, Pain treatment, Waxing, Eyelash and Eyebrows, Oxygen facials, Spa treatments, Cellulite, Weight Loss etc. and many more. We have individual specialists for the treatments and we assure the best results out of the service.

Here are some of the advantages of our treatments

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Mesotherapy – A superior skin treatment than Liposuction?

Body image has always been one of the prime concerns among the humans especially among the women. The level of consciousness is a bit too high in the U.K. Not I am saying this; a number of online surveys are indicating the same. According to those surveys, only 3% of the U.K. population is happy with their skin type. While 73% of women are worried about their body shape, 91% of them are dissatisfied with their hips and thighs. The affects of cellulite is seen among 95% of women. Hence, increase in the sale of various beauty products and skin treatments are quite obvious. And the treatment that everyone is talking about is Mesotherapy in London.

What Mesotherapy is all about?

Mesotherapy treatment is now getting popularity among the people across the world. Experimentations in the area of skin treatment have become a widespread now and Mesotherapy is a superior extract of those experiments. Before we get into the details of this treatment, let’s first know what this treatment is all about.

This is a non-surgical treatment or you can say cosmetic solution aiming at reducing the problematic areas in the body like cellulite, excessive fat, face rejuvenation, body contouring etc. The process involves in administering numerous injections in the treating areas. The injections contain different medications which are approved by the FDA.

Advantages of Mesotherapy over surgical treatments      

The comparison between two popular skin treatments, Mesotherapy London and Liposuction was obvious since the results are almost the same but obviously there are some differences. There is no doubt that when it comes to quick weight loss, liposuction is so far the best alternative. But, the reason behind the increasing popularity of Mesotherapy is it is inexpensive and it is less invasive at the same time.

Mesotherapy is less painful compared to liposuction. It is because numbing creams are used in the injection areas. This offers no-pain during the treatment. But on the other hand, liposuction causes pain to some degree during the treatment and after the treatment as well.

Another great advantage of this treatment is that it can treat cellulite. Liposuction, on the other hand cannot treat cellulite successfully. Mesotherapy flushes out the fat from the particular body area and it doesn’t reappear in other body parts and offers a smooth skin. But with Liposuction the chances of reappearance of the fat are very much there.

We at London Skin Nutrition, offer Mesotherapy treatment performed by the best experts. We are associated with the most proficient and adept experts in the industry. Other than Mesotherapy, we offer a wide range of skin treatments at the most affordable rate. Don’t hesitate to browse through our treatments.